7 the most unusual restaurants in the world

Even if you have a favorite restaurant it is always exciting to explore new venues with interesting concepts, dishes, interior and even exterior designs. For you we prepared 7 the most unusual restaurants around the globe. Enjoy!

  1. Nude dinner

One of the Manhattan restaurants once in a month hosts a party-dinner night where visitors are allowed (and even required) to be in their birthday suits. As guests come in, they get undressed and then they can enjoy the exquisite dishes. Sanitary regulations obligates staff to be dressed, even if they want to join. Also visitors should bring something they can sit on – a towel or a scarf. You should not worry- the windows are toned and personnel is allowed to look only into visitors faces.

  1. Offensive dinner

Dick’s Last Resort is a chain of bars and restaurants all over America. It is known for staff being rude with visitors – they are even trained to behave like this. In addition to the treatment the the atmosphere is also offensive. Visitors are given burp cloths and dunce caps with insult words that they must wear during the dinner. Don’t expect napkins on the tables – the waiters will just throw them at you.

What makes this place be among the most unusual restaurants is its interior. This restaurants with picnic-like tables without tablecloths appeared after a first elite restaurant of its owner did not succeed. Instead of working in a field of luxury restaurants the owners redirected their efforts into being raunchy.

  1. Alice in wonderland style

There is a chain of restaurants in Japan inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Studio Fantastic Design Works created truly fantastic and whimsical interiors for the restaurants of Diamond Dining. Each restaurant offers its own interpretation of this classical tale with tables in a form of tea cups, with romantic lighting and waitresses in blues dresses. Knock on a gigantic book in a hardback and you will be let in… as if you fell through a rabbit hole into Alice’s world.

  1. A dinner with dead

Some restaurants may have a dead atmosphere but one Indian restaurant owner went even further and opened a venue at a place of an old cemetery. Instead of destroying graves and clean the spot for the restaurant he decided to keep the tombstones and place tables around them, creating a venue with ironical name New Lucky. This restaurant is a popular gathering pace for both young and old, and tombstones, environed with metal bars, are truly unique elements or decoration, and it all contributes to makes this place one of the unusual restaurants.

  1. Singing restaurant

‘Bel Canto’ blends fine dining with excitement of an opera house. A unique mix of talented musicians and professionally trained opera singers makes evening in Bel Canto unforgettable. While partaking French cuisine visitors are sung serenades. During the evening 4 opera singers perform classic, moving among tables. Bel Canto owns two restaurants – in Paris and London. So why not to join the music dinner in this one of the most unusual restaurants?

  1. Dinner at the edge

Fangweng restaurant in a Chinese province Hubei is conveniently located near the famous cave Sanyou (or as it also called, Cave of the Three Travelers). But what is impressive in this place is that the restaurant is almost hanging from the edge of a steep cliff. There are no prompts on where to find the entrance. The visitors must go down the passage protruding over a valley of Chang Jiang River to get to a dining room. Several tables are located at a balcony over a cliff, but most of the tables are inside a natural cave.

  1. A dinner on your own

A table for one? No problems. In the Amsterdam’s restaurant Eenmaal it is the only option. Eenmaal is an exciting experiment for those who have never gone to restaurants alone and also an attractive place for people who often go to venue on their own. The owners of this place try to break a stereotype that if a person goes to a restaurant alone than it is something wrong with him/her.

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