Restaurant management

The responsibility for organizing the management of the restaurant business rests with the administration of the company. It is the management of the restaurant that is in chare for equipment purchasing, managing and educating employees, introducing new and effective methods of work, and other measures which lead to improvement in the performance of the restaurant or cafe. Let’s study the main functions of restaurant management.


Rational organization of work

How to achieve effective use of restaurant staff? The development of rational and efficient labor methods for all areas of activity is the task of the restaurant management.
For example, in any part of the production there should be a list of dishes with all the components that must be provided throughout the day. Kitchen staff can immediately determine the availability of certain products that they will need today, and quickly get them from the warehouse.

The absence of small items of kitchen implements at hand is often one of the reasons for the decline in labor productivity in restaurants and cafes. Therefore, it is important to provide the availability of the necessary tools: kitchen knives, keys for opening bottles and canned food, bowls, plates for different types of dishes. In search of all these and other tools the cooks and waiters are forced to spend a considerable amount of working time.

Increasing productivity

The use of semi-finished and ready-to-eat foods contributes to the growth of labor productivity and the effective use of maintenance personnel – production functions are reduced when cooking. After all, the main task of restaurants and cafes is not in the production of products, but in the selling of food. Therefore, every minute, saved on cooking, helps to serve more customers faster.

restaurant management

Staff arranging

One of the main concerns of restaurant management is how to arrange employees. Many restaurateurs prefer to make weekly work plans for employees. In some cases it is much more efficient to provide hourly work schedules.

The most problems with staff arrangement are during festive events and during peak hours (lunch, evening). Such moments should be envisaged and planned in advance in the schedule. So that it does not appear that in the mornings 5 waiters do not know what to do, and in the evening they cannot cope with their duties because of the influx of visitors. So, the restaurateur must clearly know how the flow of visitors is distributed, not only by the days of the week, but by the hours too. Unfortunately, only few managers take this important moment into account. Therefore, the efficiency of the work of the personnel is reduced, and consequently, the profit of the restaurant.

7 the most unusual restaurants in the world

Even if you have a favorite restaurant it is always exciting to explore new venues with interesting concepts, dishes, interior and even exterior designs. For you we prepared 7 the most unusual restaurants around the globe. Enjoy!

  1. Nude dinner

One of the Manhattan restaurants once in a month hosts a party-dinner night where visitors are allowed (and even required) to be in their birthday suits. As guests come in, they get undressed and then they can enjoy the exquisite dishes. Sanitary regulations obligates staff to be dressed, even if they want to join. Also visitors should bring something they can sit on – a towel or a scarf. You should not worry- the windows are toned and personnel is allowed to look only into visitors faces.

  1. Offensive dinner

Dick’s Last Resort is a chain of bars and restaurants all over America. It is known for staff being rude with visitors – they are even trained to behave like this. In addition to the treatment the the atmosphere is also offensive. Visitors are given burp cloths and dunce caps with insult words that they must wear during the dinner. Don’t expect napkins on the tables – the waiters will just throw them at you.

What makes this place be among the most unusual restaurants is its interior. This restaurants with picnic-like tables without tablecloths appeared after a first elite restaurant of its owner did not succeed. Instead of working in a field of luxury restaurants the owners redirected their efforts into being raunchy.

  1. Alice in wonderland style

There is a chain of restaurants in Japan inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Studio Fantastic Design Works created truly fantastic and whimsical interiors for the restaurants of Diamond Dining. Each restaurant offers its own interpretation of this classical tale with tables in a form of tea cups, with romantic lighting and waitresses in blues dresses. Knock on a gigantic book in a hardback and you will be let in… as if you fell through a rabbit hole into Alice’s world.

  1. A dinner with dead

Some restaurants may have a dead atmosphere but one Indian restaurant owner went even further and opened a venue at a place of an old cemetery. Instead of destroying graves and clean the spot for the restaurant he decided to keep the tombstones and place tables around them, creating a venue with ironical name New Lucky. This restaurant is a popular gathering pace for both young and old, and tombstones, environed with metal bars, are truly unique elements or decoration, and it all contributes to makes this place one of the unusual restaurants.

  1. Singing restaurant

‘Bel Canto’ blends fine dining with excitement of an opera house. A unique mix of talented musicians and professionally trained opera singers makes evening in Bel Canto unforgettable. While partaking French cuisine visitors are sung serenades. During the evening 4 opera singers perform classic, moving among tables. Bel Canto owns two restaurants – in Paris and London. So why not to join the music dinner in this one of the most unusual restaurants?

  1. Dinner at the edge

Fangweng restaurant in a Chinese province Hubei is conveniently located near the famous cave Sanyou (or as it also called, Cave of the Three Travelers). But what is impressive in this place is that the restaurant is almost hanging from the edge of a steep cliff. There are no prompts on where to find the entrance. The visitors must go down the passage protruding over a valley of Chang Jiang River to get to a dining room. Several tables are located at a balcony over a cliff, but most of the tables are inside a natural cave.

  1. A dinner on your own

A table for one? No problems. In the Amsterdam’s restaurant Eenmaal it is the only option. Eenmaal is an exciting experiment for those who have never gone to restaurants alone and also an attractive place for people who often go to venue on their own. The owners of this place try to break a stereotype that if a person goes to a restaurant alone than it is something wrong with him/her.

Natural Products Expo show West and East

Natural Products Expo continues to top as the leading natural products with healthy ingredients trade show. Lately, NPE has been attracting a large number of industry professionals exceeding 70000 and 3,000 exhibits. Tradeshow Week has rated the Natural Products Expo as one of the top 200 trade shows in the US. These trade shows are ideal for business people looking for ways to launch new products and services, make healthy customer relations, understand new trends in organic and natural products to help them take their companies to the next level.

The most prevalent Natural Products trade shows are the Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East.


Natural Products Expo West: This trade show is the biggest of the two and one of the highly coveted in the trading world. It creates a large platform where companies can meet both their existing clients as well as the new ones. Besides, you can easily customize your Expo West experience irrespective of the type of your job. The shows provide you with a platform equipped pavilions to simplify and make the best of your time on the show floor.

Natural Products Expo East: This trade show has specialized with organic ingredients, beverages, and natural food events. It is based on the East Coast and attracts exhibitors above 1,350 and 25,000 attendees. The East NPE focuses on innovative commodities, sustainability as well as growth opportunities in the natural products industry.

The Benefits of Attending and Marketing at the Natural Products Expo

The benefit of attending trade shows and exhibitions includes getting potential customers, information on the most in-demand products, current pricing, and other market opportunities. In short, you can get all the information about the products, customers, and competitors in just one roof. More so, you can get extensive exposure of the market because every business person related to the industry is present and looking for the best deals for their business.

The following are just a few reasons for attending and marketing at Natural Products trade shows.


Extensive exposure

Attending a trade show will increase your exposure to your respective industry. This is beneficial in the sense that it can help raise the awareness with regards to your product offerings and services. You can get a lot of direct contacts by just attending an exhibition or trade show. By following up with the collected contacts, you can convert them into leads and then into long-term customers. It also creates a favorable impression on the attendees, particularly that you are personally visiting them for the event.

Further Sales Lead

You can also be more competitive in the sense that you can get further sales leads. As a sales person, it is your responsibility to transform the prospect into a customer. Through the exhibitions, you can increase your client-base which will, in turn, enhance your sales.

Face to Face interaction

According to experts, the main purpose of attending exhibitions or trade shows is to gain personal interaction among the prospective clients. You cannot get this medium of interaction by simply using online B2B sites and another promotional medium. Your personal interaction and presence can help you to get direct feedback for your products and services. To get the proper viewership you will want to have a professionally looking trade show display. Whether that be a portable pop up trade show displays or larger custom exhibits just make sure it speaks for your company and display your brand and images in an appealing manner to attract as much attention as possible.


Natural Products Expo provide both elite business people, as well as the entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to market their goods, products, and services to the whole world. Attendees can participate in the Natural products Business School, have a full day of learning and networking which provides them with in-depth solutions to common business challenges and accelerate business growth potential.

Food Trade Shows and festivals; 2016

With 2016 Food, drinks, food shows, festivals, food trends, eating is a mix up of words. This is the biggest year in food innovation globally. Time is changing, very fast. This article is focusing on famous food trade shows and festivals. It is going over the types of foods and drinks you can expect to see at these events along with the industry trends.

Everything on Tap

Remember, you are used to drinking beer only from a tab. It started with wine then coffee came in, by now expect everything, right from Cocktails to Kombucha. Who said that’s kegs are only meant for alcohol? Many bars are joining the trend of putting the cocktail on taps.

Technology Takes Over

Gone are the days that you are required to stand in long queues in restaurants so as to be given your bill or having to resort to Chinese food or Pizza as you sit in Pajamas in front of a movie right at your home. Technology is bringing changes in the manner and the way we take our food. It is just getting its beginning. By the end of 2016, expect more changes on the way you will order for food. Whether you want the food to be delivered, grab takes away, or even seat down and enjoy the meal; it is now right on your terms. Some of the favorite picks are herein listed. The listed is what is going to save you time so as to be in a position of stopping and smelling roses or kiss one more time your loved one.



Hurrier, Feast, and Uber Eats are changing the game. You can make orders from any of your favorite restaurants or have some chef-inspired meal delivered directly to you; whether you are under the covers or in an office.

Restaurant Dining

The tab is going to save you time instead of waiting for the bills after a meal. What you should do is just click “pay”. You can split your bill without necessarily getting the look of death from the server.

Food Events Round 2

Some of the food festivals have gone wrong over the past years to the extent that it is leaving some bad taste in our mouths. Hopefully, it is time to move ahead and learn from previous mistakes.

You cannot go wrong with the Toronto Food and Wine Festival on a large scale basis. Smaller, grassroots festivals can bring the community together, and it is featuring a lot of talent which may not feature in large scale shows.

Dining Goes Experiential

Marie Triple B

Great foods may be given, but the greatest question is whether the food is enough to fill seats night after night. The way we consume our food is changing. It is no longer just eating; it is much on how you eat. This year, experiences are being added to dining. There is a need to watch for restaurants that are bringing more experiences in the houses connecting people over food. This is realized Through collaborations with great Apps such as Pass the Table App and some companies. You should as well keep your eyes on those people who collaborate with chefs and event planners so as to come to your home or house to create some unique experiences for some special occasions.

Everyday Brunch

This is correct; your favorite meal comes to you daily. There is nothing you are going to line up other than the brunch. It is just a matter of time before you get brunch favorites on a daily basis. Brunch meeting normally has some sweet ring to it.


You can feel free and give a try to the Apps that have been mentioned. To access some of the promo codes; visit this link