Food Trade Shows and festivals; 2016

With 2016 Food, drinks, food shows, festivals, food trends, eating is a mix up of words. This is the biggest year in food innovation globally. Time is changing, very fast. This article is focusing on famous food trade shows and festivals. It is going over the types of foods and drinks you can expect to see at these events along with the industry trends.

Everything on Tap

Remember, you are used to drinking beer only from a tab. It started with wine then coffee came in, by now expect everything, right from Cocktails to Kombucha. Who said that’s kegs are only meant for alcohol? Many bars are joining the trend of putting the cocktail on taps.

Technology Takes Over

Gone are the days that you are required to stand in long queues in restaurants so as to be given your bill or having to resort to Chinese food or Pizza as you sit in Pajamas in front of a movie right at your home. Technology is bringing changes in the manner and the way we take our food. It is just getting its beginning. By the end of 2016, expect more changes on the way you will order for food. Whether you want the food to be delivered, grab takes away, or even seat down and enjoy the meal; it is now right on your terms. Some of the favorite picks are herein listed. The listed is what is going to save you time so as to be in a position of stopping and smelling roses or kiss one more time your loved one.



Hurrier, Feast, and Uber Eats are changing the game. You can make orders from any of your favorite restaurants or have some chef-inspired meal delivered directly to you; whether you are under the covers or in an office.

Restaurant Dining

The tab is going to save you time instead of waiting for the bills after a meal. What you should do is just click “pay”. You can split your bill without necessarily getting the look of death from the server.

Food Events Round 2

Some of the food festivals have gone wrong over the past years to the extent that it is leaving some bad taste in our mouths. Hopefully, it is time to move ahead and learn from previous mistakes.

You cannot go wrong with the Toronto Food and Wine Festival on a large scale basis. Smaller, grassroots festivals can bring the community together, and it is featuring a lot of talent which may not feature in large scale shows.

Dining Goes Experiential

Marie Triple B

Great foods may be given, but the greatest question is whether the food is enough to fill seats night after night. The way we consume our food is changing. It is no longer just eating; it is much on how you eat. This year, experiences are being added to dining. There is a need to watch for restaurants that are bringing more experiences in the houses connecting people over food. This is realized Through collaborations with great Apps such as Pass the Table App and some companies. You should as well keep your eyes on those people who collaborate with chefs and event planners so as to come to your home or house to create some unique experiences for some special occasions.

Everyday Brunch

This is correct; your favorite meal comes to you daily. There is nothing you are going to line up other than the brunch. It is just a matter of time before you get brunch favorites on a daily basis. Brunch meeting normally has some sweet ring to it.


You can feel free and give a try to the Apps that have been mentioned. To access some of the promo codes; visit this link


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