Natural Products Expo show West and East

Natural Products Expo continues to top as the leading natural products with healthy ingredients trade show. Lately, NPE has been attracting a large number of industry professionals exceeding 70000 and 3,000 exhibits. Tradeshow Week has rated the Natural Products Expo as one of the top 200 trade shows in the US. These trade shows are ideal for business people looking for ways to launch new products and services, make healthy customer relations, understand new trends in organic and natural products to help them take their companies to the next level.

The most prevalent Natural Products trade shows are the Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East.


Natural Products Expo West: This trade show is the biggest of the two and one of the highly coveted in the trading world. It creates a large platform where companies can meet both their existing clients as well as the new ones. Besides, you can easily customize your Expo West experience irrespective of the type of your job. The shows provide you with a platform equipped pavilions to simplify and make the best of your time on the show floor.

Natural Products Expo East: This trade show has specialized with organic ingredients, beverages, and natural food events. It is based on the East Coast and attracts exhibitors above 1,350 and 25,000 attendees. The East NPE focuses on innovative commodities, sustainability as well as growth opportunities in the natural products industry.

The Benefits of Attending and Marketing at the Natural Products Expo

The benefit of attending trade shows and exhibitions includes getting potential customers, information on the most in-demand products, current pricing, and other market opportunities. In short, you can get all the information about the products, customers, and competitors in just one roof. More so, you can get extensive exposure of the market because every business person related to the industry is present and looking for the best deals for their business.

The following are just a few reasons for attending and marketing at Natural Products trade shows.


Extensive exposure

Attending a trade show will increase your exposure to your respective industry. This is beneficial in the sense that it can help raise the awareness with regards to your product offerings and services. You can get a lot of direct contacts by just attending an exhibition or trade show. By following up with the collected contacts, you can convert them into leads and then into long-term customers. It also creates a favorable impression on the attendees, particularly that you are personally visiting them for the event.

Further Sales Lead

You can also be more competitive in the sense that you can get further sales leads. As a sales person, it is your responsibility to transform the prospect into a customer. Through the exhibitions, you can increase your client-base which will, in turn, enhance your sales.

Face to Face interaction

According to experts, the main purpose of attending exhibitions or trade shows is to gain personal interaction among the prospective clients. You cannot get this medium of interaction by simply using online B2B sites and another promotional medium. Your personal interaction and presence can help you to get direct feedback for your products and services. To get the proper viewership you will want to have a professionally looking trade show display. Whether that be a portable pop up trade show displays or larger custom exhibits just make sure it speaks for your company and display your brand and images in an appealing manner to attract as much attention as possible.


Natural Products Expo provide both elite business people, as well as the entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to market their goods, products, and services to the whole world. Attendees can participate in the Natural products Business School, have a full day of learning and networking which provides them with in-depth solutions to common business challenges and accelerate business growth potential.

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