Restaurant management

The responsibility for organizing the management of the restaurant business rests with the administration of the company. It is the management of the restaurant that is in chare for equipment purchasing, managing and educating employees, introducing new and effective methods of work, and other measures which lead to improvement in the performance of the restaurant or cafe. Let’s study the main functions of restaurant management.


Rational organization of work

How to achieve effective use of restaurant staff? The development of rational and efficient labor methods for all areas of activity is the task of the restaurant management.
For example, in any part of the production there should be a list of dishes with all the components that must be provided throughout the day. Kitchen staff can immediately determine the availability of certain products that they will need today, and quickly get them from the warehouse.

The absence of small items of kitchen implements at hand is often one of the reasons for the decline in labor productivity in restaurants and cafes. Therefore, it is important to provide the availability of the necessary tools: kitchen knives, keys for opening bottles and canned food, bowls, plates for different types of dishes. In search of all these and other tools the cooks and waiters are forced to spend a considerable amount of working time.

Increasing productivity

The use of semi-finished and ready-to-eat foods contributes to the growth of labor productivity and the effective use of maintenance personnel – production functions are reduced when cooking. After all, the main task of restaurants and cafes is not in the production of products, but in the selling of food. Therefore, every minute, saved on cooking, helps to serve more customers faster.

restaurant management

Staff arranging

One of the main concerns of restaurant management is how to arrange employees. Many restaurateurs prefer to make weekly work plans for employees. In some cases it is much more efficient to provide hourly work schedules.

The most problems with staff arrangement are during festive events and during peak hours (lunch, evening). Such moments should be envisaged and planned in advance in the schedule. So that it does not appear that in the mornings 5 waiters do not know what to do, and in the evening they cannot cope with their duties because of the influx of visitors. So, the restaurateur must clearly know how the flow of visitors is distributed, not only by the days of the week, but by the hours too. Unfortunately, only few managers take this important moment into account. Therefore, the efficiency of the work of the personnel is reduced, and consequently, the profit of the restaurant.

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